Employer of Choice?


HC Online magazine recently published the following list of regulations which were developed for a group of employees working in a London in the mid 19th Century. The original document, detailing the … [Read more...]



Facilitating a Presentation Skills workshop on Monday I was reminded of the importance of breathing while delivering a presentation. I know, it sounds obvious, but many forget. They don't forget to … [Read more...]

Getting things done

getting things done

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to stop, reflect and change course if needed. I've just come across this article Twelve Steps to Get Things Done. I like the no-nonsense approach and … [Read more...]

Working from home

Work at home

Were you aware that if you are a parent with children under school age or a child under 18 with a disability, you now have the right (under the National Employment Standards) to request a flexible … [Read more...]

Work-life balance?

work life balance

The results of the latest national survey of Australian workers conducted by the University of South Australia have recently been released. It may not come as a surprise to you, that despite the … [Read more...]

Return to Work Toolkit

workingp parents toolkit

Have you been considering a return to the paid workforce? Do you need some extra support? What about help getting your resume together? Or perhaps you're looking for guidance on how to kick-start the … [Read more...]

Network or confidence? Chicken or egg?

In a recent conversation with a girlfriend who lives in Kuala Lumpar we were discussing her plan to return to work when she comes back to Australia. While she is in Malaysia she is unable to work due … [Read more...]

Reach in the News


Reach Director, Rebecca Harper was recently interviewed for an article on returning to work. The article appeared in the My Career section of the Sydney Morning Herald in a weekend edition in June. … [Read more...]

New Website

We have recently upgraded our website to accurately reflect the range of solutions we now offer. The new Reach logo includes a hand print which reflects each persons individuality and our ability to … [Read more...]